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07 March 2022

Guidelines for new arrivals from Ukraine in the Czech Republic: residence, employment and social support

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The Czech Republic's Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Health, has published information for Ukrainian citizens who have fled to the Czech Republic as a result of the ongoing war. This article provides an overview of the procedures and institutions that handle residence permits, access to the labour market and access to social benefits in the Czech Republic.

Residence permits

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic issued a new type of long-term visa, the Special Long-Term Visa for Ukrainian Citizens (pdf). Citizens of Ukraine are now allowed to enter the Czech Republic without a visa; only with a valid biometric passport.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic is responsible for issuing the visa. Ukrainian citizens who have newly arrived in the Czech Republic and have no contacts or background in the Czech Republic are issued a special long-term visa immediately, on the basis of an application submitted in person at the Regional Assistance Centres. These centres will also help with arranging accommodation. Newly arrived Ukrainian citizens who have contacts and a background in the Czech Republic can stay in the country for 90 days under the visa-free regime. They are obliged to register with the Czech Republic Police within 3 days of arrival and to apply for a special long-term visa at the regional branches of Interior Ministry´s Department of Asylum and Migration Policy

Access to the labour market

For job seekers from Ukraine:
The special long-term visa will allow citizens of Ukraine to legally reside in the Czech Republic. Holders of the special long-term visa can apply for a work permit at the relevant regional branch of the Labour Office, according to their place of employment. Before applying for a work permit, a work contract must have already been established with the employer. 

For employers:
First, employers must report the vacancy to the relevant regional branch of the Labour Office and at the same time express their interest in employing a foreigner on the basis of a work permit. Next, the employer must sign an employment contract with the prospective employee. The contract is one of the annexes listed in the application for an employment permit. 

An information leaflet for employees and employers has been produced in both Czech and Ukrainian.

Access to social benefits

Citizens of Ukraine who have been granted a special long-term visa can immediately apply for the Extraordinary Immediate Assistance due to serious injury to health. The application should be submitted to the contact point of the Labour Office in the place of residence. This also applies for other benefits of assistance in material need, such as the Allowance for Living and the Supplement for Housing. 

Health insurance

Ukrainian citizens are obliged to secure health insurance. Citizens of Ukraine who have been granted a special long-term visa are automatically enrolled in the country's public health insurance system.


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