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21 April 2021

Greece: Young people know little about climate migration, but still seek refugee status for climate migrants


Recent research conducted by Action Aid shows that Greeks know little about those who have been forced or chosen to migrate due to climate change. However, according to the research, more than 50% of Greeks aged 15 - 35 believe that refugee status should be granted to those fleeing because of climate change in the same way that it is granted to those fleeing war.

Action Aid's research includes a pan-European survey asking the question: "what do young Europeans think about the link between migration and climate change?", which was conducted in 23 European countries including Greece. The research was part of the European Commission-funded "No to Climate Change, Yes to Climate Change" campaign, which aims to raise awareness among young people about climate change and migration. 

46% of young Greeks surveyed said they feel "more or less" worried about climate change, which is the same percentage as the European average. The survey also found that young Greeks consider climate change to be the third most serious problem in the world, after the economic situation and unemployment, and poverty and hunger.

This said, young Greeks' actual knowledge of climate migration was found to be limited, especially compared to the European average: only 23% of Greeks said they had heard much or enough about the term "climate migrants", compared with an average of 33% of young people across Europe. 

Find more details on this research project and its publications here.


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