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Greece: Housing plan for migrants who used to be in detention centres (Unofficial translation)

Α plan for the housing of the migrants who were liberated from the detention centres was presented by the Deputy Minister of Immigration Policy Mrs. Tasia Christodoulopoulou. Nobody knows where the immigrants are going after they leave the detention centres and the public debate raised the question regarding the lack of a plan for them. The Deputy Minister pointed out that she plans to rent apartments in Greece which are unoccupied in order to accommodate the homeless immigrants.

This solution was qualified of realistic and flexible, as the construction of new open regime structures would take time. At the same time, an income to the owners of empty apartments would be ensured. The initiative also aims to facilitate the social integration of the refugees, while avoiding the creation of 'ghettos'. The implementation of the plan, as explained by Mrs. Christodoulopoulou, should be ensured as much as possible thanks to European funds.

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