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30 September 2021

Government approves plan to increase education and work-based immigration


With the decline of certain demographics, Finland is in need of increased labour and student immigration. A new plan - approved by the Finnish Government in early September - focuses on promoting the immigration of a highly skilled workforce, entrepreneurs, researchers and students.

The lack of international attractiveness of Finland, and the country’s own stiff bureaucracy in the immigration process, have been identified as key obstacles in the recruitment of immigrants. The new plan, with its goal of sustainable growth for the country’s economy, focuses on solving these problems.

In order to increase immigration, efforts will be made to render Finland more globally interesting and attractive in the eyes of migrants, and to make the immigration experience as good as possible – ultimately, the aim is to provide migrants with the best immigration experience in the world.

The government is planning to at least double the current level of labour migration to Finland, with a minimum target of 50 000 new immigrants by 2030. After this, an annual increase of 10 000 people is anticipated. In the case of new foreign students, the plan is to at least triple their number, which means welcoming 15 000 new foreign university and polytechnic students by 2030. Post-graduate employment will also be intensified. The aim here is for 75% of students to be employed in Finland after graduation.


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