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25 July 2022

Funding opportunity: Improving national asylum and migration capacity in Bulgaria

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The Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 opened a new call for proposals in Bulgaria, “Improving the national asylum and migration capacities, especially as regards the provision of services to third-country nationals seeking international protection and to third-country nationals granted temporary protection with a special focus on vulnerable groups”.

Each project proposals must devote a minimum of 55% of funding to soft measures, such as training, knowledge exchange, information and publicity, for example.

The eligible activities include:

  • renovation, maintenance, covering operational costs, etc., of the reception facilities for vulnerable asylum seekers with a focus on unaccompanied minors
  • providing accommodation and related services
  • providing social, health and educational services and psychological assistance
  • measures to improve the identification of vulnerable third-country nationals (TCNs) as well as measures addressing their needs
  • organising Bulgarian language courses
  • providing supporting services such as translation and interpretation
  • facilitating the communication process between institutions and TCNs;
  • providing legal services in terms of protection procedure, TCN rights and obligations, etc.
  • developing, printing and distributing information brochures about rights and obligations of TCNs
  • aiding the capacity building of national institutions, NGOs and international organisations dealing with asylum and migration, as well as with temporary protection legislation
  • developing and implementing specific procedures and standards for referral, reception, care and guardianship and representation of unaccompanied minors
  • training of staff of relevant entities to enhance knowledge, expertise and management skills to support and protect vulnerable TCNs
  • strengthening the cooperation among national institutions and NGOs working with TCNs
  • envisioning the further development of asylum and migration policy
  • helping the exchange of knowledge and best practices between Bulgarian and Norwegian stakeholders

The total amount of funding for the call is just under €1.5 million, with the minimum project grant amount to be applied for set at 200 000, and the maximum - at 1 million.

Eligible project partners include public or private entities, both commercial and non-commercial, NGOs established in either Norway, Bulgaria or other Norwegian Financial Mechanism beneficiary states or a country with a common border with Bulgaria, as well as international organisations.

The deadline for submissions is 9 September 2022.

See all the details about the open call.


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