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29 September 2020

France: COVID-19 migrant workers eligible for accelerated naturalisation procedure


Migrant communities are home to some of the people most severely affected by COVID-19 in Europe. They are also home to many of the key workers who have played a crucial part in Europe's response to the pandemic.

In France, the government has announced that it wishes to recognise the commitment of key migrant workers who have constantly put their own health on the line in order to protect and support others throughout the pandemic. It plans to do so by facilitating and accelerating the processing of these individuals' applications for French citizenship.

It has released a list of eligible frontline professions:

  • Cleaners;
  • Security guards;
  • Home careworkers;
  • Childminders;
  • Refuse collectors;
  • Agricultural workers;
  • Funeral home staff;
  • Healthcare workers;
  • Teachers and educational staff;
  • Postal workers;
  • Screening staff;
  • Workers in child protection;
  • Lorry drivers and delivery staff;
  • Till staff in the commercial food sector;
  • Staff of the food processing industry;
  • Workers of the medical / paramedical sector.

Proof of work completed during the pandemic will be required. People who have already submitted their application for citizenship can still apply, and will be asked to provide additional supporting documents. The deadline for applications is 15 September 2021.

Further information and the application form can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.


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