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Fifth meeting of the European Migration Forum

The fifth meeting of the European Migration Forum, held in Brussels on 3 and 4 April 2019, looked at the role of local authorities and civil society in managing migration and ensuring safe and regular pathways to the EU. During the meeting, 250 migration stakeholders helped to formulate ten recommendations on migration and integration policies.

Recommendations for integration

  • Include a social cohesion clause in EU/national funds that target migrants and make it mandatory to also involve people from the host community
  • Develop institutionalised multi-stakeholder platforms at the local level to guarantee accessible, inclusive and relevant services to migrants, regardless of their status
  • Expand family reunification programmes as part of complementary pathways to protection
  • Harmonise processes among EU countries for welcome and integration of migrants
  • Develop pilot projects with local authorities to ensure access to human rights for all
  • Fund and support local and grassroots organisations that work with vulnerable groups to develop gender-sensitive actions and policies at the local, regional, national and EU levels through a multi-stakeholder approach

The European Migration Forum is a platform for dialogue between civil society organisations and European institutions which meets at least once a year. Read more about the European Migration Forum and other EU networks.

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Photo: Fifth Meeting of the European Migration Forum ©EU 2019