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15 June 2018

Europe: Immigration most important issue facing the EU, Eurobarometer says


According to the first result of the Eurobarometer poll conducted in the spring 2018, immigration remains the most important issues facing the EU for for 38% of European citizens (-1 percentage point since autumn 2017). It is the number One EU-level concern in 21 Member States (up from 14 in autumn 2017). The highest rates are found in Estonia (62%), the Czech Republic (58%) and Hungary (56%). It is the second most important EU-level concern in all the remaining Member States, except Portugal where it comes in the fifth place with only 16%.

At 29% EU-wide, terrorism also keeps its second position, though it has lost ground (-9, and -15 since spring 2017). Economic issues have registered slight increases since autumn 2017 but still ranks third (18%), ahead of Member States’ public finances in fourth (17%) and unemployment in fifth (14%). The hierarchy of these top five concerns has remained unchanged since autumn 2017.

Asked about their main concerns at national level, however, European place immigration at the third position on average, but at first place in Malta (39%), Germany (38%), Austria (29%) and Belgium (26%). Immigration was already the biggest national issue in the three latter countries in autumn 2017.

The full preliminary report

First survey results
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