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Europe: EU citizens want to stop immigration from Muslim countries

According to a survey by the British think tank Chatham House administered to 10,000 citizens from 10 European countries, 64% of Belgians, 65% of Austrians and 71% of Polish nationals want to put an immediate end to to all immigration from countries where the majority of the population is Muslim. Only in Spain (41%) and in the United Kingdom (47%) were most respondents opposed to any Muslim immigration.

On average, 55% of Europeans agree with the statement that all immigration from Muslim countries should be stopped. 20% of respondents disagree while 25% of them agree nor disagree. These results indicate that the fear of Muslim immigration is not confined to the United States, where President Trump recently announced entrance restrictions for citizens from 7 Muslim countries. Proposals which have been dismissed by courts.

The study also shows that it is mostly 45+ and retired people who oppose immigration from Muslim countries. Young people under the age of 30 are less hostile. The level of education is also an important factor. Less than half of highly educated people are opposed to Muslim immigration. Among those with a secondary school diploma as higher obtained degree, this proportion rises to 59%.

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