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Europe: EIN members meet in Sweden to exchange experiences for the first time

Sweden is a good example of strong cooperation between actors at the local, regional and national level. The first study visit of the European Integration Network (EIN) therefore took place in the Västra Götaland Region. The 30 participants from 10 EU Member States attended presentations about the local integration system, the role of each actor, challenges faced by the country and solutions implemented to fight issues such as housing shortages, lengthy administrative procedures and unemployment.

While presentations particularly focused on the way national governments and agencies, regions, municipalities, civil society organisations and refugee self-organised associations cooperate with each other, EIN members also visited 2 centres and other institutions. At Gothenburg’s integration centre, they met and discussed with both students and teachers of the compulsory civic orientation courses. And at Sweden's biggest teaching and accommodation centre for asylum seekers Restad Gard, they discovered the Support Group Network which helps prevent applicants from losing their motivation and make use of their skills through activities such sport and creative workshops.

Each EIN member was accompanied by 1 representative of a municipality and 1 of a civil society organisation from their own country.

Read the visit's report enclosed for more information

Key facts on the Swedish integration system

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