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Estonian Health Board publishes trilingual posters and guidelines on COVID-19

The Estonian Health Board has published posters and instructions in three languages on how to prevent the spread of viruses or what to do when coronavirus is suspected. The published materials are mostly trilingual (Estonia, Russian and English). They cover topics such as how to protect against viruses and what business owners should do to protect their staff and customers.

The Government of Estonia declared a state of emergency on 12th March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and temporarily reintroduced border controls on 15th March. Entry into Estonia has been limited to citizens of Estonia, holders of Estonian residency permits, those who have right of residence, among them the so-called grey passport holders, and foreign citizens whose family members live in Estonia. Foreigners are allowed to transit through Estonia on the way to their home country if they do not show symptoms of COVID-19.

See the Estonian Health Board’s posters

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The posters and other materials are shared on this website solely to provide an example of outreach to migrant or minority communities during this health emergency. Please speak to a medical professional if you need health-related advice.