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Denmark: Denmark gets its first elderly home for immigrants

The care home personnel will be instructed on how to welcome elderly individuals from a different culture and religion

The City Council is expected to agree to establish Denmark’s first elderly home for non-ethnic Danes this week, according to Kristeligt-Dagblad newspaper.

The Peder Lykke Centre in Amager will cater to the estimated 20 percent of the city's population who are immigrants or descendants of immigrants, but who only accounted for 68 of the 3,800 elderly home residents in Copenhagen in a 2010 analysis.

The plan is for elderly with, for example, Turkish, Pakistani or Chinese backgrounds to receive offers to live side by side with Danish elderly in order to create a more diverse elderly environment.

Ninna Thomsen (Socialistisk Folkeparti), the deputy mayor for health and care in Copenhagen, believes that there is a massive demand for elderly care for the growing number of older immigrants.

“The personnel must be able to welcome people from another culture and handle a situation in which an elderly person suffering from dementia forgets their Danish language and only speaks their mother tongue.” Read more...