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Czech Republic: Vietnamese-Czech blogger nominated for Magnesia Litera award (Unofficial translation)

Young Vietnamese-Czech blogger Do Thu Trang has been nominated - for the third time - for the prestigious Magnesia Litera blog of the year award.

Trang's blog, Asijatka, is one of the rare bridges between the Czech and Vietnamese communities: the latter are still largely closed to most Czechs for cultural and linguistic reasons. Her writing ranges from serious topics such as xenophobia to small observations of everyday life. For example, while 'culture wars' in the U.S. and Europe are fought over casting African Americans in so-called 'white' roles, Trang nonchalantly asks when an Asian will play a villain in Avengers.

Magnesia Litera is an annual book award that has been held in the Czech Republic since 2002. The prize covers all literary genres and is awarded by independent association Litera.

The winners will be chosen by readers' votes, and votes can be cast online here. The voting deadline is 1 June, 2021.