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Czech Republic: Updated State Integration Programme (Traduction non officielle)

The State Integration Programme is a national conceptual document developed by the Interior Ministry, which defines measures aiming to help persons with granted international protection with their integration into the majority society.

The updated version of the State Integration Programme, which reflects the current migration situation and governmental measures adopted in line with European resettlement and relocation programmes, has been in force since 1 January 2016. For this year, the programme will be sponsored with 200 million crowns (7,400,000 euros) while 73 million crowns (2,000,000 euros) will be set aside from the state budget and the rest from EU money. The Interior Ministry presumes that the Czech Republic can provide international protection to 2,000 foreigners.

Key elements of the State Integration Programme:

  • Establishing the General provider of integration services, whose task is to co-ordinate and provide integration services to eligible persons on the national level in cooperation with other actors such as NGOs and municipalities.
  • Defining phases of the integration process:
    1. The eligible persons may be temporary accommodated in the Interior Ministry´s Integration and Asylum Centers, where adaptation and language courses will be held, an individual integration plan will be defined and an assistance to search permanent accommodation and job will be provided.
    2. The eligible persons will move to municipalities, systematic assistance will be provided in cooperation with local social service providers and the General provider of integration services.

Key spheres of the integration:

  • Accommodation: arranging a lease agreement, provision of basic furnishings and appliances.
  • Employment: registration in the Labour Office, assistance with job search and retraining.
  • Education and language competencies: free Czech language course (400 hours), integration into the education system, basic socio-cultural courses.
  • Welfare system: access to and assistance with social benefit applications.
  • Health care: assistance with health insurance subscription and doctor search.
  • Interpreting, legal and social counselling.

Integration services will be provided for a period of 6 to 12 months.

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