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Czech Republic: Statistics show highest employment rate of third-country nationals in the EU

New data show that, of all EU member states, the Czech Republic has the highest employment rate among third-country nationals. Data published by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat) on 25 July 2018 revealed that the employment rate for non-EU citizens in the Czech Republic was 78.8 % in 2017, compared to the EU-wide rate of 57.4%.

While the Czech labour market is currently facing a labour shortage, the process for obtaining a visa is long and complicated, and therefore employment of third-country nationals is difficult. The Czech Chamber of Commerce recently requested the government to double the quota, once again, for the number of Ukrainian workers who can enrol in the fast-track visa application process, in an effort to address the chronic labour shortage. The current quota for Ukrainian workers under the fast-track programme is just under 20,000 workers per year.

The need for labour includes higher-skilled employment. The government previously implemented a fast-track visa application process for Ukrainian workers in the medical professions and information technology, although the programme suffered due to slow application processing. The Czech Republic is ranked third in Europe in terms of job opportunities for graduates, with 90 per cent of graduates from Czech schools finding employment in 2017, according to the Czech labour office.


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