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Czech Republic: Nationals substantially overestimate foreigners´ criminality (Unofficial translation)

A Public opinion poll on the perception of criminality and security carried out by Median agency for the daily iDnes shows that Czechs substantially overestimate foreigners´ criminality. On average, they think that 29 percent of criminal offences are committed by foreigner nationals - against 7 percent in reality according to the 2015 Police statistics.

The research also shows that foreigners´ criminality rate is being overestimated by rather less educated persons as well as by those who agree with the death penalty. A randomised test shows that Czechs would punish foreigners more strictly than fellow nationals for an aggressive harassment of a woman on a street. Read more

The 2016 Standard Eurobarometer on the main concerns of Europeans shows that 62 percent of Czechs consider immigration most important issues facing the EU at the moment.

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