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27 September 2020

Czech Republic: Integration courses may be mandatory for migrants from 2021


According to new regulations proposed by the Czech Republic's Interior Ministry, foreigners seeking long term or permanent residence in the Czech Republic will need to take a mandatory integration course - which before now has been voluntary - from 1 January 2021. These new regulations are currently undergoing legislation and still need to be formally approved by the Interior Ministry.

The course would be four hours long, covering the following topics related to practical life in the country:

  • rights of migrants
  • the education system
  • the processes of recognition of foreign education and qualifications
  • healthcare and housing
  • culture and traditions
  • holidays and celebrations
  • gender equality
  • core values of Czech society.

The Interior Ministry is pushing to make the course mandatory in order to prevent migrants becoming socially excluded. People would be obliged to pay for the course, at a cost of 1 500 CZK (57 EUR). The Interior Ministry expects that 25 000 foreigners would participate in the course each year.

Find further information (in Czech) here.


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