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Czech interior ministry opens AMIF call to support integration measures

The Czech Ministry of the Interior has announced the 22nd call for proposals under its National Programme of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). Qualified applicants for this call are NGOs, public administration bodies and intergovernmental organisations. The deadline to apply for funding is 21 May 2019.

The Ministry is accepting proposals that fit one of three specific, pre-defined measures:

Measure 1 – Informing the general public on integration of foreigners

Supported activities include the production of audiovisual materials, organisation of public events, production of publications, organisation of educational programmes (especially with a focus on pedagogues and children). The total amount allocated for this measure is 22,500,000 Kč (about 882,000 EUR).

Measure 2 – Providing legal and social counselling to international protection applicants

Supported activities include the provision of social and legal counselling, psychological support, communication with public authorities, language support and raising awareness of voluntary return. The total amount allocated for this measure is 18,000,000 Kč (about 706,000 EUR).

Measure 3 – Supporting unaccompanied minors

Supported activities include social and legal assistance, educational and socio-cultural activities, leisure activities, professional psychological and pedagogical support and individual and/or group remedial education. The total amount allocated for this measure is 2,625,000 Kč (about 103,000 EUR).

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