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Cities and Regions share practices on COVID-19 information for migrants

Just as the European Integration Network members are sharing how authorities are conducting outreach to migrant communities regarding COVID-19, local and regional authorities are also sharing their practices through the Committee of the Regions. These regional and local authorities hope to make it easier for other authorities to develop their own outreach activities.

Below are some of the actions that local and regional authorities in Europe are taking. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The links below are shared on this website solely to provide examples of outreach to migrant or minority communities during this health emergency. Please speak to a medical professional if you need health-related advice.

Germany – City of Altena

Altena shares information from the government about the coronavirus with migrant communities through WhatsApp and Facebook. Information is available in German, English, Arabic and Kurdish.

Italy – Emilia-Romagna region

The region has published on its website a collection of COVID-19 resources for migrants in different languages. The resources include written, audio and video files with health advice and information about the lockdown measures, all of which produced by international and local organisations, professional societies such as psychologic and pediatric unions, as well as by local and regional authorities, including the municipalities of Cesena, Nonantola (Modena), Novellara, Parma, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, Scandiano and more. 

Spain – Catalonia region

The Catalan Government has published, with the help of volunteers and civil society organisations, information about COVID-19 and recommendations on what people need to do in 18 different languages. They have also prepared audio recordings about COVID-19 in 35 different languages, which can be shared through social media.

The documents and recordings can be downloaded from the Catalan Government’s website, which is updated regularly. For some of the languages, content is not on the government website, but available at the website of the organisation Creación Positiva.

Sweden – Skåne region

The Country Administrative Board of Skåne's Civic and Health Communication unit, which is a part of Partnership Skåne, has received a national assignment related to the coronavirus, given its experience with evidence-based methods of health communication in migrants’ native languages, coupled with a nationally unique capacity to quickly produce and share high-quality information in a number of languages nationwide.

Skåne has started developing webcasts in different languages. Currently, the webcasts are available to watch online here in Arabic, Somali, Persian, Tigrinja, as well as Swedish, with more language versions to be added in the following days. The webcasts feature general information about COVID-19, updates from the Public Health Authority, questions and answers, and basic risk and protective factors. Future webcasts will also include more in-depth coverage of relevant topics. The programme has been launched nationwide.

See examples of outreach by civil society, regional and local governments, national authorities and other integration stakeholders here.