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31 January 2023

Call for papers: Discrimination in and by educational institutions in migration societies

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The Austrian Sociological AssociationSection for Research on Migration and Racism and the Section for Sociology of Education are inviting scholars to submit proposals for a joint panel at the Congress of the Austrian Sociological Association, Critical Times, 3 - 5 July 2023 in Vienna.

Since the work of Pierre Bourdieu, it has been known that educational organisations do not compensate for social inequalities, but (re)produce them. To analyse social inequalities in migration societies, work on structural and institutional discrimination is crucial. In this context, a wide variety of pedagogical fields and their institutions have already been addressed, including elementary education, schools, social pedagogy, and adult education. Given the multitude of current crises, however, it is necessary to examine continuities and changes in legal and political frameworks, as well as the structures and arrangements of institutional work, in order to better understand educational disadvantages in migration societies.

Investigating the organisation and structures of the various educational sectors (from elementary to adult education), including individual pedagogical units, different factors can be analysed that point to discrimination in and by educational institutions. Such possible factors include:

  • expectations of normality shared by acting parties;
  • professional self-conceptions;
  • action logic and routines of teachers in the field;
  • the participation experiences and sense of belonging of - and racist and other forms of exclusion experienced by - pupils and students, and the ways in which they integrate these experiences into their identity.

Deadline for application: 17 March 2023. For further information in English and German see the call for papers.


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Gerd Valchars
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