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BRIDGES project shares useful resources for building cohesive, inclusive local communities

The BRIDGES project, which was operational in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain, ended after two years in January 2021. The main objective of the AMIF-funded project was to create cohesive, inclusive local communities that foster participation and exchange between old and new residents. It worked to do this by applying participatory and co-design methodologies to the facilitation of dialogue and collective action. 

The project produced several useful resources which have recently been made available on its website, for use by practitioners and other relevant stakeholders.

These downloadable resources include:

  • a needs-assessment template to support in reading and understanding the needs of a local context;
  • guidelines on how to co-design and build an inclusive, collaborative community that meets these needs;
  • evaluation of the project's participating practices and evaluation guidelines;
  • a handbook on good practices, providing examples of how to activate, engage and support the creation of inclusive communities.

A video presenting the project, its results and knowledge gained through its implementation can be viewed here. A livestream of the project's closing conference can also be viewed here.