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Belgium: Both Walloon and Flemish Parliaments voted the interdiction of ritual slaughtering

The Flemish Parliament just voted to forbid ritual slaughtering without stunning. The interdiction also passed a month earlier in the Parliament of Wallonia. In both case, the legislation will not effectively enter into force until 2019: 1 January in the Northern part of the country and 1 September for the south. 

These decisions will mainly affect the Jewish and Muslim communities. Therefore, they will be provided with support in the coming months through appointed mediators for a better understanding of the new rules and method of slaughter. So will the slaughterhouses to prepare their staff and infrastructure.

However, concerned with such interdiction and making a comparison with the Nazi occupation during which all ritual slaughterings were forbidden, the President of the Jewish Central Consistory and the Belgian Muslim Executive announced their intention to introduce an appeal before the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice.

The situation in Wallonia

The situation in Flanders

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