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Austria: Multiplication of guidebooks and courses for refugees on Austrian Society

The Red Cross recently presented its guidebook for refugees "Arrived". The 146-page brochure, with a print run of 60,000 pieces, primarily targets newly arrived asylum seekers in Austria who can find answers to the main questions about life in Austria. The brochure includes information - among other - about health, education and labour market; rights and responsibilities in Austria, and about equality. The content is also available online in several languages including GermanEnglish, Arabic and Dari.

Previously, the Austrian Integration Fund created "My life in Austria". The publication serves as learning material during the eight-hour "values and orientation courses" for persons entitled to asylum and is translated in the common refugee languages (Arabic, Farsi and English). These courses, funded by the pot of integration are now held in almost all provinces. In the future,they should also be part of AMS-integration measures, in collaboration with the Employment Service. Read more

Since September 2015, the City of Vienna also offers free info modules for asylum seekers, persons entitled to asylum and subsidiary protection on "living together", "education", "health", "housing" and "society" in refugee languages. Read more