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19 April 2017

400 people granted asylum in Ireland are still in direct provision


More than 400 people who have been granted asylum in Ireland are still living in direct provision centres because they have been unable to find suitable or affordable accommodation. People recently granted asylum face numerous barriers when trying to rent properties, as they lack the references landlords usually require or are unable to save money for the first month’s rent and deposit that are required by landlords.

The direct provision system was established in April 2000 and houses asylum seekers in privately operated facilities. Those living in the centres are provided meals and an allowance of €19.10 per adult per week, with a lower rate for children.

However, people living in the system are not allowed to work or to engage in education beyond a Leaving Certificate. The system has been condemned by numerous human rights organisations, and there are people who have been stuck in direct provision for up to a decade. This issue has been described in detail in a report by the Irish Refugee Council in July 2016.

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