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What drives the economic integration of immigrants in Poland?

Does it make sense to consider various domains of integration in the case of temporary migrants? How to assess their economic integration? What is the role of ethnic economies and ethnic enclaves in the process? To what extent can experiences in 'mature' immigration countries be transposed to societies in the intermediate phase of the migration cycle and new immigrant destinations?


The publication - a special long-form edition of the Spotlight Newsletter of the Centre of Migration Research (CMR) at the University of Warsaw, presents some insights from research on Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Chinese populations in the Warsaw area. The publication is part of the 'The economic integration of immigrants in a country in the intermediate phase of the migration cycle – Poland versus selected EU countries' project.


The publication includes five short pieces on the following topics:

  • Conceptual challenges in the study of the economic integration of immigrants;
  • Migration projects and integration patterns;
  • Migration plans of Ukrainian migrants living in Warsaw;
  • Economic adaptation strategies of Chinese and Vietnamese migrants in Warsaw;
  • Changing Asian migrations to Poland on the example of the Chinese

Find the full document here.

Aliaksei Bashko, Zuzanna Brunarska, Anita Brzozowska, Paweł KAczmarczyk, Krzysztof Kardaszewicz, Karolina Madej - Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw
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