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Third-country nationals and the road transport labour market in the Czech Republic

This report from TransFair focuses on the Czech road transport sector, and the role of third country nationals and recruitment agencies for the sector.

First, the report reviews data on third country nationals’ employment in the Czech economy, and the road transport sector in particular, as well as on regulations providing for their (formal) integration into the Czech labour market. Second, the significance of temporary agencies for the employment and recruitment of third country nationals is discussed. Third, the report gives first-hand insights into the working conditions for drivers in the Czech Republic who are providing road transport services all over Europe. Finally, social partners’ attitudes towards third country drivers’ employment, as well as state and union support structures for third country national drivers in cases of infringements against labour and social law, are presented.

The research found that drivers from third countries can experience various forms of non-compliant employer behaviour in the Czech Republic, including being forced to manipulate their tachograph in order to reduce resting time and being either underpaid, or owed partial remuneration. In terms of working conditions, it was found that drivers had to work in unsafe environments given the poor technical state of the trucks they were given, and that they were never provided with adequate accommodation.

Support for third country national drivers is limited in Czechia. NGOs, even if they possess the will, lack the capacity for effective and sustainable action towards prevention of abuses. For unions and Labour Inspectorates, the working conditions of drivers from third countries have until now remained a marginalised subject.

TransFair (The Road to Transparent and Fair Remuneration and Working Conditions in the Transport Sector) receives funding from the European Commission, DG Employment, within the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

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Olga Gheorghiev, Multicultural Center Prague
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Country Coordinator Czech Republic