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Slovakia: Nationwide Human Rights Promotion and Protection Strategy (Unofficial translation)

Celoštátna stratégia ochrany a podpory ľudských práv v Slovenskej republike (Original language title)

Historically, this is the first strategic policy document in the area of human rights. It was adopted after three years of preparation, on 18th February 2015.

The Strategy reflects existing frameworks and principles, emanating from the international human rights obligations of the Slovak Republic.

The document has 51 annexes, dedicated to particular specific areas of human rights. These annexes are the outcome of numerous expert meetings and discussions dedicated to particular disadvantaged groups. The strategy includes a specific chapter on migrants’ rights.

The annex no. 11, elaborated by the working group on "Migrant rights“, was completed in May 2014 and the chapter is structured into four parts:
1) Actual situation (evaluation of the legislation and existing public policies);
2) Recommendations of international monitoring authorities;
3) Implementation and control mechanisms, including independent and non-governmental organisations;
4) Priorities and tasks for the future.

Key recommendations cover specific gaps in:
- legislation and implementation of existing European and international conventions;
- legislation related to rights of different target groups such as asylum seekers, persons with international protection, legal migrants, undocumented migrants, trafficked persons, persons without nationality, unaccompanied minors and other disadvantaged groups.

Annexes are of informational nature and they were used as a basis to develop the strategy.

Read the Strategy and the Annexes here.

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the SR
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