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Romania: The Index of Immigrant Integration in 2019 (Unofficial translation)

Indexul Integrarii Imigrantilor in Romania 2019 (Original language title)

The second edition of the Index aimed to deepen the understanding of immigrants’ integration in Romania. It was funded through the AMIF National Programme.

The report is based on the analysis of data coming from two sources: a national survey on 645 immigrants (defined as foreign born) with legal stay in Romania, and aggregated data provided by public institutions.

The analysis focused on several key dimensions of integration: employment, education, identity and active citizenship, housing and standard of living. The hypotheses underpinning the research were that:

  1. Certain socio-demographic characteristics have a major impact on immigrants’ integration in the receiving country; and
  2. The structure and organisation pattern of the receiving society has an impact on the integration success.

The main results demonstrate the following:

  • Despite the increasing number of immigrants in Romania during the last years, the local, regional and central authorities lay behind with the collection of data that can be used to inform public policies;
  • The majority of immigrants are young (up to 45 years old). Of 4,157 beneficiaries of international protection residents in Romania in 2018, 25% were between 0-14 years old;
  • There are differences between regions with respect to the perception of discrimination by the immigrants on areas such as housing and employment;
  • Over 40% of immigrants were enrolled in free language courses provided by an educational institution, whereas 10% attended Romanian language courses provided by NGOs;
  • At work and in conversations with friends, immigrants tend to speak Romanian. The share of immigrant women who speak Romanian is significantly higher than that of men.
  • The reported standard of living and self-perception related to their health condition are better for immigrants than for the local population.

The Index of Immigrant Integration in Romania was issued within the Romanian Center for Research on Migration project. The full report is available on their website in Romanian

Anatolie Cosciug, Andreea Vornicu, Bogdan Radu, Carmen Greab, Ovidiu Oltean, Toma Burean
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Country Coordinator Romania