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Report: an inquiry into the handling of residence permit applications by the Foreigners’ Police Service in Slovakia (Unofficial translation)

Správa verejnej ochrankyne práv o výsledkoch prieskumu na oddeleniach cudzineckej polície Policajného zboru pri vybavovaní žiadateľov (Original language title)

The Public Defender of Rights carried out an inquiry into the handling of residence permit applications at all Border and Foreigners’ Police Departments (BFPDs) in Slovakia. The inquiry was carried out in October and November 2019 by members of an inquiry team set up by the Office of the Public Defender of Rights. The inquiry focused on the procedures applied by the police in the processing of applications submitted by foreigners during the periods of increased numbers of applicants.

The methodology consisted of a questionnaire with more than 500 responses as well as unannounced interviews with the management and foreigners present at the departments at the time of visit. The findings of the report are primarily based on the personal visits of individual BFPDs and comments received from the central level on statistics, training of police officers and the system used to process and redistribute applications.

The inquiry identified several areas for improvement. The findings point to inadequate language skills of the BFPDs officers, insufficient staffing, inconsistent practices in the provision of information, insufficient information available to foreigners in foreign languages, inadequate capacities and deficiencies in the new electronic appointment scheduling system.

The Public Defender of Rights also proposed a list of measures to the Bureau of Border and Foreign Police aimed at improving the existing situation. Read the whole report and findings here.

Office of the Public Defender of Rights
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Country Coordinator Slovakia