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Promoting immigrants' democratic participation and integration

This publication is geared towards actors involved in immigrant integration and especially  issues with regard to enhancing immigrant democratic participation. The  aim of the publication is to present some good practices and reflect lessons learned from recent research.

The publication was drafted, written and published within the framework of the EPACE project (Exchanging good practices for the promotion of an active citizenship in the EU). The EPACE project seeks to address the challenges related to the decrease of political and social participation of citizens. In particular, youth, newly arrived immigrants and people with low education levels, to name only a few. These citiznes need more diversified opportunities in order to be able to participate more in civic activity and to become better integrated into society.


This publication belongs to a series of EPACE theme publications which present good participatory practices on the following themes: democracy administration; e-democracy; civic education and youth participation and the social and political participation of immigrants.


The EPACE project is coordinated by the Ministry of Justice Finland and supported by the European Commission Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme. The project partners are the State Chancellery of Estonia and th Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality, Sweden.

Ahokas, Laura – EPACE theme publication
Posted by:
Kaarle Kurki (Institute of Migration - Finland)