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Migration: A new Perspective. Building Global Governance

Migration: A new Perspective. Building Global Governance (Original language title)

While some observe without hesitation that immigration is vital, migrants are often collectively considered to be a major concern, or even a burden. Our fellow citizens know that, without migrants, there would be no more public works, tourist services, agricultural labor or domestic employment. But how many people acknowledge the fact that without migrants, French hospital emergency services would cease to operate due to a lack of medical staff? In the name of the law, expulsion is accepted in principle but condemned in its application, because it often goes against our beliefs in human rights. There are highly developed scientific studies into migration and excellent literature abounds, but it remains a thorny issue causing controversy and simplifications that are frequently very far from the contrasting realities of life.
Faced with so many paradoxes, uncertainties and contradictions, our group started a  study, aiming at summarising existing knowledge, surveying the relevant organisations and, lastly, making proposals to political decision‐makers.

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Ceri: Bertrand Badie, Rony Brauman, Emmanuel Decaux, Guillaume Devin, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
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Wilfried De Wever (Unisys)