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Malta: Perceptions about TCN and Immigration in Malta

This is a research commissioned by the Ministry of Social Dialogue and Civil Liberties in Malta in preparation for a first National Integration Policy. The framework for this policy is also uploaded in the documents section. This research shows that the majority of respondents have contact with foreigners living in Malta although a sizeable minority which includes a large segment of women and older respondents have less contact. A minority still thinks that there are far more foreigners living here than there actually are, most Maltese have a more correct estimate of the number of foreigners. But this does not diminish the widespread perception that Malta is too small to cater for foreigners. A small majority knows what integration means and a relative majority agrees that government should make an effort to encourage the integration of foreign communities in Malta. But a section of the population remains lukewarm or hostile to the presence of foreigners, although some make a distinction between asylum seekers and richer foreigners. Attitudes towards foreigners tends to be selective and utilitarian, with most respondents viewing foreigners either as a source of investment, especially in property or as an invisible army of labour which takes those jobs which are not wanted by Maltese.

Source: Ministry of Social Dialogue and Civil Liberties