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Life of Foreigners in the Czech Republic 2018 (Unofficial translation)

Život cizinců v ČR (Original language title)

This publication is an in-depth statistical analysis on foreigners residing in the Czech Republic, with a focus on their regional distribution in the country. The first chapter provides information on the categories of foreigners by residence permit types, gender, age, nationality, and purpose of stay in the country. Using the same structure, the second chapter provides data on individual regions. The last chapter sums up the data and situates them into a wider socio-economic context.

The publication is complementary to the statistical report Foreigners in the Czech Republic 2018 (in English and Czech), which provides a wider overview of the lives of immigrants in the Czech Republic, including data on employment, healthcare, demographics, and protection/asylum.

Read the report (Czech only)

Source: Czech Statistical Office