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Legal Framework, Societal Responses and Good Practices to Counter Online Hate Speech against Migrants and Refugees

The European social, economic, political and cultural scene has been increasingly influenced by xenophobic and racist attitudes and discourses in the recent years. In many countries across the continent, incidents of hate speech and hate crime are on the rise. And national and EU institutions are paying more and more attention to the phenomenon. The Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech has published a European comparative report analysing these dynamics.

The report provides the most recent data and trends from 7 EU Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom). Based on the national studies and reports, the current report draws meaningful correlations between incidents of hate speech and developments on national and EU level. It looks at the scope and effectiveness of the existing legislative framework and related regulations such as media codes of ethics.

While the study offers a comprehensive review of the national normative frameworks developed to address hate speech, it focuses especially on social and non-regulatory mechanisms that can help to counter the production, dissemination and impact of hateful messages online. The report therefore provides several examples of good practices and concludes with recommendations and guidelines on dealing with hate speech at the policy and grassroots level.

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Sevdalina Voynova, Snezhina Gabova, Denitza Lozanova, Svetlana Lomeva
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Country Coordinator Bulgaria