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Ireland: 2017-2020 Migrant Integration Strategy

Migrant Integration Strategy - A Blueprint for the Future (Original language title)

The Irish 2017-2020 Migrant Integration Strategy was released on the website of the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration on Tuesday 7 February 2007. The Strategy is targeted at all migrants, including refugees and persons of migrant origin, and foresees actions applicable to all Government Departments as well as actions aiming to address specific thematic issues, such as employment and health.

Actions applicable to all Government Departments include the provision of:

  • Information to migrants in an appropriate language.
  • Intercultural awareness training for all front-line staff.
  • Signage in public offices indicating where interpretation is available.
  • Clear information on how to make a complaint about racist behaviour by staff or another customer.

The Strategy also foresees that integration issues will continue to be mainstreamed into strategic statements and annual reports and into the general work of Departments.

Specific actions intended to address particular issues include:

  • Reach a rate of 1% civil services employees from minority ethnic communities; ensure that migrant needs in relation to skills acquisition and labour market activation are addressed and encourage the business sector to play a role in promoting labour market integration.
  • Establish local networks aimed at reaching out to hard-to-reach migrant groups so to help them to engage with Government Departments and to provide information on their needs.
  • Develop the second National Intercultural Health Strategy.
  • Establish a Communities Integration Fund.
  • Monitor current school enrolment policies and assess their impact.

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Migrant Integration Strategy

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