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Integration of refugees and migrants: Participation in cultural activities

This factsheet by the European Parliament informs about the EU framework and support for integration through culture. It provides both an overview of European and international policy or legal documents relevant for a culture-led integration of refugees and migrants, and a mapping of activities and programmes.

The manual of artistic tools for migrants 'Art of adaptation' is one example of tools included in the factsheet. Published in 2012, it highlights the role of art in the adaptation process, analyses positive impacts of art and creative activities on the ability to adapt, and promotes art as a therapeutic tool to address trauma in one's personal development.

The June 2016 Commission held dialogue with organisations working at local level on the role of culture in promoting the inclusion of refugees and migrants is another example. The resulting report points to an urgent need to allow large numbers of refugees to be included in European societies while preserving their cultural roots and stresses the need for a wider cultural strategy to develop an open and equal dialogue between newcomers and their host cultures, so that both sides share the task of integration. 

Several funding opportunities such as the Creative Europe programme, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Europe for Citizens programme are also included in the factsheet. The later has for instance financed the City Ghettos of Today project for countering the stigmatisation of migrants. 

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Source: Integration of refugees and migrants: Participation in cultural activities