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Including the Excluded – Report by MSF Italy (Traduction non officielle)

Inclusi gli Esclusi – Orientamento ai servizi sanitari pubblici dei residenti dell’Ex-MOI di Torino (Original language title)

Medici Senza Frontiere – Médecins Sans Frontières Italy (MSF) has published a report on the activities that operators and volunteers have achieved since 2016 to assist migrants residing at an informal settlement in Turin called Ex-MOI. As the report underlines, several factors interfere with the migrants’ utilisation of public services—the complexity of administrative procedures, notably the requirement to have an official residence, which informal settlements do not fulfil; lack of information; poor language knowledge; the limited number of mediators in public services; and distrust of public institutions.

Created in 2006 for the Turin Winter Olympics, Ex-MOI is an abandoned Olympic village that became illegally occupied in 2013. Migrants mainly from Sub-Saharan countries and Somalia started to live in its tower blocks. Although most of the inhabitants had humanitarian protection permits, they often had no place to go after the government programme ‘North Africa Emergency’ ended, which forced them to move into these informal residences.

In 2013, the Municipality of Turin started to look for a solution for the health care needs of the Ex-MOI inhabitants. Initially, only partial access to medical services was permitted for Ex-MOI residents. MSF started to provide support in 2016, giving information and redirecting the inhabitants toward public medical services.

The following year, the Municipality of Turin, the Prefecture, the Diocese and the foundation Compagnia di San Paolo launched the project MOI: Migranti, un’opportunità di Inclusione (MOI: Migrants, an opportunity for inclusion). The main goal of the project was to move the residents of Ex-MOI to other locations, offering them personalised housing solutions lasting from 6 to 24 months.

Since December 2018, the operators and volunteers of MSF have assisted 469 people living at Ex-MOI. At the beginning, 7 out of 10 people were not yet registered with the national health service, and 8 out of 10 people did not have a family doctor. MSF directed these individuals to public services and assisted them in registering with the national health service and in using public services. Thanks to the project, two Ex-MOI residents started to work as intercultural mediators at a nearby medical office, helping Ex-MOI residents with their registrations. The MSF project at Ex-MOI will end in 2019.

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Médecins Sans Frontières Italy
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