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Human Rights in Lithuania, 2018-2019 (Unofficial translation)

Žmogaus teisės Lietuvoje 2018-2019 (Original language title)

The Human Rights Monitoring Institute published the Human Rights in Lithuania, 2018-2019 review, a study conducted by 19 human rights experts, including lawyers, political, social and health specialists. The review examines human rights issues from a variety of perspectives, among which are the fight against discrimination, hate crimes, exploitation and violence, the protection of personal data and safeguarding the right to liberty, family life, self-expression, freedom of assembly and religion.

A separate section of the publication is devoted to the topic of migrant and refugee rights, focusing on the latest legislative developments, including asylum seekers' right to work, the National Integration Action Plan, as well as updates on the public opinion towards immigrants and refugees.

The biennial publication is the only periodical digest in Lithuania describing the human rights situation.

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