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How to convey child-friendly information to children in migration

Migrant and refugee children are one of the most vulnerable groups in Europe, especially since they often have poor access to information concerning their rights or procedures that affect them. This guidebook developed by the Council of Europe helps to improve information access by equipping professionals and volunteers to communicate in a child-friendly way with refugee and migrant children.

The guidebook offers practical tips, points to consider, and golden rules for professionals and volunteers working with this group. It also includes examples of good practices implemented around Europe. Each thematic chapter features quotes and recommendations from children, as well as a list of questions that children may have on the topic.

The first chapter explains overarching concepts for working with refugee and migrant children, such as what it means for information to be child-friendly, and how to adapt information to address a child’s vulnerabilities. The guidebook follows with advice on how to provide information at various stages of children’s reception and integration:

  • Providing information upon arrival at borders
  • Age assessment and identification
  • Protection and care (accommodation, health care, education and training, recreation, etc.)
  • Guardianship and legal advice
  • Immigration and asylum procedures

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Guillaume Coron, Daniel Senovilla Hernandez, Silvana Leonforte, Anna Skehan, Ellen Van Vooren
Posted by:
Monica Li (Migration Policy Group)