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Guidelines on incorporating tolerance and mutual respect in language tuition and social orientation

The RACCOMBAT project has explored good practices throughout EU Member States in combatting racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance through the promotion of laws and social values during the migrant integration process. These practices served as the basis for the project’s guidelines on how to empower and educate refugees and migrants to recognise, counter and prevent hate and intolerance, as well as how to seek legal recourse when confronted with situations of hate or intolerance.

The guidelines focus on:

  • Teaching about fundamental rights in the work of institutions and the activity of NGOs
  • Teaching tolerance and mutual respect as part of crisis response
  • Tolerance and mutual respect as part of the overall integration pathway
  • Tolerance and mutual respect as part of language tuition and cultural orientation
  • Teaching tolerance and mutual respect as part of institutions’ work with and outreach towards non-nationals
  • Policy recommendations

Increased migration flows have had a profound impact on European countries and their policies over the last few years. Populist narratives have triggered fear and hostility towards ‘the other’, with allusions to ‘floods’ of migrants widely used in political rhetoric. However, not much is done to prepare refugees and migrants for communicating with authorities and understanding the rights and laws that could help them prevent and counter acts of intolerance. The RACCOMBAT project therefore explores legal rights and anti-discrimination in social orientation activities across several EU countries. 

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Miriana Ilcheva, Sanne van de Pol, Dirk Vanheule, Isabella Meier, Xenophon Contiades, Despoina Kontorizou, Annie Camarioti, Zoe Kasapi, Agnese Lace, Smaranda Witec
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