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Conclusions of the Council on the integration of TCNs legally residing in the EU

In these conclusions of the 9 December 2016 Council's meeting, Member States stress their support for the increased efforts of the European Commission to foster migrant integration with the help of EU instruments, including the recent Action Plan on the integration of third-country nationals, and in the context of the New Skills Agenda for Europe. 

Beyond the Action Plan, governments ask the Commission to explore ways for EU action and support as regards disseminating good practices, promoting cooperation with the media (especially on fighting negative stereotypes and creating a balanced public perception of migration as well as raising awareness of the positive impact of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue), and improving country-level data to better monitor integration policy outcomes at EU level.

In addition, Member States ask the Commission to provide support as regards the assessment and recognition of qualifications and skills of third-county nationals (including recently arrived beneficiaries of international protection lacking documentary evidence of their qualifications), to consider the need for more resources from the EU budget for integration in the future and to provide guidance to Member States on how to maximise the EU funding supporting integration.

Other focus areas

Source: Council of the European Union