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Community based approaches to inclusion of migrants and refugees in Bulgaria

This research report identifies and documents effective community-based approaches to inclusion and social cohesion. It describes the identified initiatives and presents their main sources of funding. Most were implemented Civil Society Organisations and their focus depends on the thematic priorities of the organisations. Social empowerment, mentorship programmes, as well as education, cultural and sport initiatives were among the most successful types of activities.

The report also offers an overview of the Bulgarian legal and institutional environment in which migrant and refugee integration occur. It further includes a snapshot of the cultural and social norms that are guiding or hindering the inclusion process, paying special attention to media coverage, its (in)direct messages and impact on public opinion.

The author, Yordanka Gancheva, interviewed 30 experts working on migrant and refugees integration, and community inclusion issues in July and August 2017. Desk research and fieldwork were also conducted to collect the data presented in this report, which was commissioned by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

Yordanka Gancheva
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Country Coordinator Bulgaria