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Bulgarian Labour Market Needs as Key to Refugee Employment

Нуждите на българския пазар на труда като ключ към заетостта на бежанците (Original language title)

UNHCR Bulgaria and the consulting firm Catro Bulgaria have published a study on refugee employment titled Bulgarian Labour Market Needs as Key to Refugee Employment. The study analyses current and future economic and labour market trends in Bulgaria and outlines opportunities for more effective and sustainable employment of refugees in the country.

Against a background of skills shortage and mismatch across economic sectors and geographic regions, the study highlights potential opportunities for refugee employment and proposes concrete recommendations to support both refugees and employers. The study finds that refugees and migrants will have to upgrade their skills, qualifications and knowledge of Bulgarian language in order to meet the requirements of employers. Employers are ready and willing to support refugees in this learning process, provided they invest their efforts and commit to the company’s goals.

The main job opportunities for refugees will be in the processing industry, hospitality industry, transport and construction sectors and the agricultural sector. Opportunities will be located in various geographical regions of Bulgaria.

Research for the study was conducted in two phases. The first phase involved desk research about the socioeconomic, demographic and labour market situation and trends related to asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in Bulgaria. The second phase involved collection and analysis of qualitative information, including a sampling of medium-sized and large companies representing fast developing economic sectors and which cover 5 out of 6 geographic regions and economic hubs in Bulgaria.

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