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Building a new life – the challenges, hopes and trajectories of migrant women living in Malta

This report presents the findings of the qualitative research conducted as part of the Empowerment Circles Project. The research aims to better understand migrant women’s experiences of starting a new life in Malta and the barriers to their integration.

Although the women involved in the project were grateful to be in Malta, a country which they perceived as safe, the data gathered reveals that their lives in Malta have many challenges and logistical barriers, which have a negative impact on the women. Challenges also occur in the daily lives of migrant women, such as discrimination and bullying of their children in schools, incoherent school policies on religious matters, isolation, loneliness and unemployment.

The report concludes that initiatives are needed to support migrant women’s employability and to support the well-being of migrant women and their children. The Empowerment Circles Project is funded through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and implemented by the Migrant Women Association Malta.

Anne Thyssen Vestergaard; Migrant Women Association Malta
Posted by:
Country Coordinator Malta