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Amendments to the Civic Integration Act (Unofficial translation)

Wijziging van de Wet inburgering (Original language title)

This Bill, approved by the Senate of the Netherlands in September 2012, presents amendments to the Civic Integration Act which will be enforced from January 2013 onwards. The new law places the responsibility for familiarizing with the Dutch language and following the civic integration courses with the migrant himself. The person who aims to follow civic integration courses should henceforth pay for his participation in the civic integration courses and exam. Newcomers that cannot finance the courses and exam may use the social loan system put in place for this aim. With this amendments, the government wants to do justice to the inherent strengtht of the foreigners who have chosen to settle in the Netherlands. Newcomers with high education can make use of a test that suits their knowledge and capacities better. Failure to pass the integration examination may, in some cases, lead to the withdrawal of the regular residence permit for a certain time.

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Eerste Kamer der Staten General/ Senate of the Netherlands
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