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Alphabet book for bilingual pupils

A new Bulgarian alphabet book set, the first of its kind, has been designed for pupils whose mother tongue is not Bulgarian. It was developed and published by Zaedno v chas ('Teach for Bulgaria') and EducArt International Association in September 2021. 

The alphabet set, entitled 'Reading with Assya and Yavor', is the result of two years of effort from a speech therapist and specialists in early bilingual development. Their aim was to support learners who do not have sufficient Bulgarian language skills when they enter Bulgarian school, and the materials take into account the main difficulties experienced by children when learning to read. They are for use by teachers, parents, NGO professionals and all other relevant practitioners.

'Reading with Assya and Yavor' comprises three separate books:

  • An alphabet book for children;
  • An alphabet book with guidelines for teachers;
  • An appendix for making tactile letters.

The alphabet set is available both online and in paper format, free of charge. It can be accessed here.

Akulina Arikova, Dr. Anastasia Novikova, Vyara Mihaylova
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Länderkoordinator Bulgarien