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08 February 2021

Towards ICT-enabled integration of migrants

This joint whitepaper compiles the experience and recommendations of six Horizon 2020 projects dedicated to the development of ICT solutions involving migrants, public authorities and other stakeholders in the field of migration and integration. The six projects, MIICT, REBUILD, NADINE, MICADO, EASYRIGHTS and WELCOME, apply a participatory, co-creation methodology in their work, and their recommendations could benefit a wide array of actors across civil society, as well as (local) authorities such as ministiries and agencies in charge of migration and asylum, labour and social affairs, and digitalisation.

The paper outlines the projects' experience and proposals in three main areas.

In term of co-creation, or the active involvement of end-users in the production process, the paper calls for ensuring  meaningful participation by understanding migrants' lives in the first place. Solutions should address specific issues in a wider perspective, rather than cater to segregated groups, the paper argues. It also warns against underestimating cultural and technological differences when designing ICT solutions. Ultimately, ensuring co-creation requires an internal cultural change in public administrations, the authors note.

Arguing for applying a multi-stakeholder approach, the paper also highlights the importance of sustainable funding, as well as of sustainable digital platforms. In addition, there is a clear need for evidence and success stories related to integration to help incite the participation of all stakeholders. 

Finally, discussing ICT tools and digital services for supporting integration, the whitepaper calls for authorities to support digital transformation and open data, and to provide sufficient resources for digital education. The paper also asks that future policies define integration as a two-way, social process that can be supported by ICT - but do not define ICT as 'the lead' on integration as an end in itself.

Digital transformation is also one of the main pillars of the new EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021 - 2027 - see more here.

Joint migration policy whitepaper: Towards ICT-enabled integration of migrants
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