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15 September 2022

Sexual and gender minorities among the foreign-origin populations in Finland

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The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) published a report examining the multiple discrimination issues faced by foreign-origin sexual and gender minority groups in Finland and sharing related recommendations for dismantling discrimination in the Finnish service system.

The report focused on those with asylum seeker and refugee status, looking at their experiences in relation to issues of discrimination and exclusion, health and wellbeing, and religion. It highlights how hetero- and cis-normative practices, for example in asylum interviews and health services, can lead to discrimination and uncomfortable situations for sexual and gender minorities, and also highlights how language skills, migrant status and a lack of professional support can all produce barriers in the service system.

Recommendations are given for ways in which the situation and the wellbeing of foreign-origin sexual and gender minorities can be improved, with focus on sensitivity to their cultural, sexual and gender diversity. These recommendations are delivered around the following eight themes:

  1. Employment
  2. Healthcare and social services
  3. Trans rights
  4. Immigration services
  5. Police
  6. Religion
  7. Language
  8. Research

THL is an independent, state-owned expert and research institute that promotes the welfare, health and safety of the national population. The study was conducted as part of the institute’s Manifold More project, which worked to promote diversity in the workplace and to advance the career paths of highly educated women with an immigrant background.

The situation of foreign-origin sexual and gender minorities in Finland
(1.48 MB - PDF)


Mercédesz Czimbalmos, Shadia Rask, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
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Marja Tiilikainen
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