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14 January 2020

Migration coverage in Europe’s media – A comparative analysis of coverage in 17 countries


A study by the European Journalism Observatory and the Otto Brenner Stiftung examines media coverage of migrants and refugees in 16 European countries and the United States. The study compared media coverage between countries, as well as coverage from different outlets within each country, focusing on print and online media.


Key findings

  • Migrants and refugees are mainly depicted as groups rather than as individuals. Males are overrepresented in media coverage of migrants and refugees, while a relatively low proportion of migrants and refugees are quoted in articles.
  • Across countries, media coverage on migrants and refugees generally increased and decreased simultaneously. However, there was a striking difference in intensity of coverage between the countries, with media in some countries concentrating much more heavily on these topics than in other countries during the same period.
  • There was also a clear distinction in how different media outlets in each country presented migrants and refugees in their coverage, as well as geographic tendencies in coverage.

Read the study in English and German


Susanne Fengler, Marcus Kreutler
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Academics and experts
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Monica Li
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