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01 December 2020

Greece country report: Impact of COVID-19 crisis on labour market integration


A report on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the labour market integration of MRAs (migrants, refugees and asylum seekers) was published under the framework of the SIRIUS project.

The COVID-19 pandemic found Greece hit by a 10 year economic crisis, and posed additional problems for the country's most vulnerable groups. MRAs in Greece have been hit particularly hard as a result of the pandemic, as integration policies are still lacking, difficulties in accessing support services persist and racist and xenophobic attitudes in some parts of Greek society are on the rise, often reinforced by the government’s policies and its anti-migration rhetoric. 

The report gives a first overview of the pandemic and its impact on migration and integration in Greece through desk research, six semi-structured interviews with MRAs and NGO employees, and fieldwork in association with the author’s professional occupation.

COVID and migrant labour in Greece
(166.33 KB - PDF)


Dominika Spyratou
Geographic area
Original source
Posted by
Konstantinos Vlachopoulos
Country Coordinator

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